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Critical Case Studies


  Mr Agnihotri was suffering from Mouth Cancer.which had got infested with Maggots. He underwent Major Cancer Surgery with Plastic Reconstructive Surgery after which he is able to face the world without a mask!

  Mrs Bala Devi suffered from Nasal deformity and blocked nose, after an accidental injury.She underwent a Cosmetic Rhinoplasty with good immediate postoperative improvement.

  Lady with Split Ear Lobules underwent Lobuloplasty with good cosmetic result.
Mrs Parul had a serious Sinus infection which had spread into the eyes and underwent Endoscopic Sinus Surgery with Eye decompression to save her vision

  A 35 year old lady suffered from Thyroid lump which turned out to be cancerous on investigation. She underwent Thyroidectomy Surgery with preservation of voice.

  A 75 year old lady presented with Painful tongue ulceration with bleeding for last 4 months. On Biopsy it turned out to be Tongue Cancer. In view of old age, patient and relatives opted for palliative treatment.

  A 17 year old boy presented with blackish mass within mouth for last 3 months with occasional bleeding. Biopsy confirmed it to be a Malignant Melanoma and was treated by Surgery.

  A 4 year old girl, presented with Congenital Nasal Dermoid Sinus Cyst. She was successfully operated by Open Rhinoplasty with good cosmetic result.

  A 18 year old boy suffering from Submandibular Tumour. He was treated by Resection Surgery. Histopathology proved it to be a Non Cancerous.